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CONIA is a well known Australian owned consumer electronics brand that has been supplying and servicing the needs of leading Australian retailers since 1999. Products sold by CONIA Australia Pty Ltd have been manufactured in accordance with strict quality control procedures and is in full compliance with Australian specifications and standards. Our dedication to quality and precision has consequently cemented the reputation of CONIA products to be both reliable and durable.

CONIA Australia has adopted a specialised market strategy in successfully entering and establishing a market presence in Australia for domestic electrical appliances. Our strategy has been to focus carefully on the needs and desires of our customers and to accordingly tailor our innovative products to exceed their expectations. CONIA strives to always be at the cutting edge of technology, as we recognise that in this industry technology is incessantly advancing. Our sustained research and development strategies ensure that we will always remain leaders within the industry.

Since establishing its brand name as a leading provider of home electrical products, CONIA Australia is consistently ranked amongst the leaders of electronic suppliers of Televisions and DVD players in Australia. CONIA¡¯s remarkable ascendency in the Australian market can be greatly attributed to its ability to rapidly establish its presence and compete in the emerging market for digital products. Utilising the latest digital technology, CONIA produces state of the art LCD and plasma televisions, Blue-Ray players, digital HD Set-Top Boxes and DVD recorders.

Conia Australia Pty Ltd. is currently the sole importer & distributor for CONIA brand in Australia and is committed to distributing CONIA products nationwide. Conia¡¯s current product range includes LCD televisions, Blue Ray DVD players and HD Digital Set Top Boxes.

All CONIA product warrantees are exclusively handled by CONIA Service Centre Pty Ltd. The Service Centres provide after-sales customer service, repair service and replacement service for CONIA products sold by Conia Australia Pty Ltd. With three service centres operating in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, CONIA provides dependable and convenient after-sales service to all our customers. Our loyal commitment to our customers drives our business growth and strengthens our reputation as a trustworthy and dedicated supplier of electronic products in Australia.

12 months warranty service supported by CONIA Service Centre
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